Meet the Designer - LilySteeple

Meet LilySteeple, who specializes in creating new and vintage knitting patterns with a particular interest in 1930s and 40s fashion. LilySteeple is also known for her passion for trying out new eco-fibres and finding new inspiration for designs from across the world. 



So, what inspired Lily to become a knitting designer, and how did she get started in this field? As it turns out, LilySteeple has been knitting since her childhood, when her grandmother first taught her how to knit. She began by knitting toys and school cardigans, but eventually progressed to knitting 1940s jumpers to sell on Etsy, and then finally started writing her own original knitting patterns. Her creative process begins with the wool and trying out different stitches and needles before settling on what she’s going to knit with it. 




For novice knitters who are just starting to learn the craft, LilySteeple offers some great advice: “Try out your wool first, smaller or larger needles may work better than those suggested on the ball band, and if the wool you’ve chosen is not working with your pattern, don’t be afraid to try a different pattern or stitch.” 

With her passion for knitting and designing, it’s clear that LilySteeple will continue to create beautiful and inspiring patterns for knitters everywhere. 


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