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KnitPic Tutorial Videos

The KnitPic is a fun, knitting project where you watch your photo come to life row by row. The best techniques to use are a mixture of intarsia and colour-strand work, and bobbins are key to yarn management!

To make knitting the KnitPic as easy as possible we have a suite of tutorial videos, to take you through every step of the project...

How to... Use Bobbins

Yarn bobbins are a handy way to keep track of all your colour changes. You should have multiple bobbins per colour, per row and can top them up with yarn from the skeins.

How to... Intarsia

The goal of intarsia is to make colour change look completely seamless. Intarsia knitting features multiple colours on the same row, but they are never carried across the back of the fabric.

How to... Colour Stranded

Colour stranded knitting is best for frequent colour change. This is where you create relaxed floats as you “carry” the unused colour along the back of the work.

How to... Seed Stitch

Using a seed stitch border to frame to your KnitPic, provides a sturdy, neat edge and stops your work from that curling up. You simply alternate the knits and purls and this gives a flat and neat texture.

How to... Block Your Work

Blocking your work by the process of wetting your knitting, reshaping the piece and then allowing it to dry is a game changer. It allows the fabric to relax and evens out your tension.

How to... Weave In Ends

Weaving the ends, keeps your knitting secure. Weave into the bumps of the purl stitches on the wrong side on the diagonal.

How to... Sew Up a Cushion

Turn your KnitPic into a cushion by joining top seam along cast-off edges, then join side seams using a back stitch. Insert cushion pad, then join remaining seam along cast-on edges.

How to... Fix Dropped Stitch

Rescue a dropped stitch without having to pull out your knitting.

How to... Cast On

Cast on the KnitPic with two different methods, the Knit Cast-On and my favourite the Long-Tail Cast-On.

How to... Cast Off

Cast off your KnitPic so that you can turn it into a cushion or wall art masterpiece. 

How to... Stockinette Stitch

Stockinette is a basic knitting stitch where you knit one row then purl the next and repeat. It has a right side and a wrong side. 

How to... Skein to a Ball

Knitting from a ball is easier than skein, this is how turn one into a ball.

KnitPic Commissions

Not a knitter...but love the KnitPic!?...The let us KNIT IT for you!

We also do commissions! So if you’d like us to hand-knit a special bespoke portrait just for you then drop us an email to discuss your project and we’ll see what we can do! 

Free Cushion Back Patterns

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