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Needles to Say, We Love Knitting!

We’d Like to Teach the World to Knit

What do you get when you mix three generations of knitters in one family, a skilled team of designers and developers and a whole lot of good ideas? We like to think the answer is… Knit It®! Our mission is to help bring more new people to the timeless craft and relaxing hobby that is knitting, while also supporting intermediate and experienced knitters with new project ideas, skill development and opportunities to really have fun with it!

Hello from Lucy!

Welcome to Knit It® — the clever way to learn knitting, create amazing knitted gifts, develop your skills and enjoy the best self-care habit around. My family, friends and fellow knitters from around the world have inspired me to bring Knit It® to life, and the whole team love hearing from anyone who shares our love for this timeless pastime — whether you’re a knitting newbie or a seasoned pro!

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Our Story

A knitting knowledge community, 20 years in the making. Take a trip down memory lane with us and explore the Knit It® story so far — from an 8th birthday present to an award-winning business!


Our story beings all the way back on our founder Lucy's 8th birthday! This was the year Lucy was given her very first knitting kit from her Grandma Marge and it was in this moment her passion was born!


Over the years Grandma Marge taught Lucy to knit, a precious skill that had been passed down the family for generations. This was when Lucy realised the true value of preserving the art of knitting and sought to make it more accessible and understandable to all


Experimenting with creative and thoughtful Christmas gifts, Lucy decided to knit her four cousins a cushion emblazoned with the image of their faces... an extra special selfie! So she set about devising and testing concepts until she successfully turned their photographs into the very first KnitPic!



And so 'Knit It®' was born from Lucy's idea to future proof the traditional craft, making it fun-filled, simple and user friendly. Since then Lucy has founded her company and successfully won funding, as well as industry-leading support to grow the ideas into an innovative startup!

Our Values

Knit It was founded on four simple but important values. These guide everything we do and will shape all future plans for our business, web app and community. If you can relate to these, then we probably have a lot in common!


Nothing is more exciting than the spark of an idea. We want to empower individuals to be the best they can be and pursue their dreams

Ooze Passion

Can you picture anything more driven and dedicated than a knitter eagerly whizzing through a project? We love knitters’ passion, and we want to foster a spirit of enjoyment and accomplishment in all our projects

Be Quirky

Let’s face it, all creatives are that little bit weird... but that's what makes us so unique! We let our artistic flair fly free and are unashamedly quirky when we feel like it!


The happiest knitter is one who is compassionate and caring to people and the world around us. We want to inspire the next generation of knitters with this philosophy

Meet the Team

Three generations of one knitting loving family, backed up by an array of brilliant, inspiring and talented people (and the occasional feline). That’s what we call a dream team! Browse these friendly faces and find out more below…

Knitting Know-How, At Your Fingertips

If you’ve always wanted to pick up knitting or you’re a knitter in search of new inspiration, we’ve got a real treat for you! We’ve been working on a very special project, Smart Knit It® that will bring knitting tips, a library of patterns and other useful knitting tools to your phone, tablet or computer device. Give it a try now!

News & Milestones

It’s been a busy few years at Knit It HQ — so we’ve started keeping note of our recent achievements, awards and recognition. It’s all very exciting really, and we’re honoured to be counted among some amazing businesses, initiatives and organisations across the UK. The whole team is proud of the work we’ve done so far, but we also can't wait for what’s next!

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