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Modernising Knitting for the Digital Generations

We believe the secret to happiness is picking up a pair of knitting needles and creating something new — and we want to share that joy far and wide through the wonderful world of Knit It®. If you’re keen to dive into knitting headfirst and explore a library of patterns, tutorials and tips on our Smart Knit It® — sign up below!

All of this with Smart Knit It® 

The Knitting Knowledge App — for knitters, by knitters! From day #1 of developing Smart Knit It®, we’ve designed every feature to be friendly to knitters of all levels of experience and know-how. So, whether it’s your first time picking up knitting needles or you’re keen to level up your knit game, we’ve got you covered!

Growing Library of Patterns

Been dreaming of having cool, quirky and imaginative knitting patterns available at your fingertips? Dream no more! Smart Knit It® will have an ever-expanding library of Smart Patterns!

A New Way to Follow Patterns

Smart Patterns are truely digital! Our unique interactive patterns will help you keep track of your rows and stitches with ease — tap and stitch, tap and stitch, repeat. 

Shopping Links

Looking for good places to buy equipment, yarn and other knitting supplies? Smart Knit It® will showcase some of the coolest and most knowledgeable knitting businesses, experts and products!

Free Lessons and Tutorials

Every day’s a school day! Tips, advice and technique tutorials — all in one place. Smart Knit It® is ideal for beginners and experienced knitters alike. 

Never lose your place again!

Smart Knit It® is the ultimate way to knit. Sit back and relax as your Smart Pattern has everything you need. From interactive row and stitch counts, progress tracking, chart views and in-pattern technique video tutorials, you'll never be stuck again.
We've taken the frustration out of knitting and left you with the best bit - knitting! 

Access all these patterns & more!

With a Smart Knit It® Subscription you get access to our entire library of Smart Patterns! With over 60+ patterns, across a variety of categories from Ladies, Mens, Children & Babies to Novelty & Toys, Seasonal and Household we're always adding more! Patterns in our Library include Knit It's® own collections and we are working with some of your favourite designers too! 

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Knit Your Photo!

Create knitting patterns from your photos! Whether you want a cosy jumper, fancy cushion or masterpiece picture, just upload your image and watch as Knit It® works its magic to create a unique knitting pattern featuring your photo! Get ready to bring your memories to life with every stitch! 

The KnitPic is the ideal pattern for the knitter looking for a new challenge and makes the perfect gift that shows you care! Create a free account and order now!

Create your pattern

All your patterns in your pocket!

Imagine an unlimited library of knitting patterns at your fingertips all included with one subscription? That's Smart Knit It®!

Browse our ever expanding collections of patterns, see one you like and add it to your library - then set it up how you want it. Choose colours, sizes, and start knitting components - tracking your progress as you go!

Knitting for Wellbeing

Knitting is a great way to calm your mind and reduce stress. It helps to focus on the present moment, reduces anxiety, depression, increase mindfulness and improve motor skills. Knitting is also a really great way to connect with others and build a sense of community - it really is a social hobby!

Knitting is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Choose a soft, cozy yarn and a comfortable spot to sit and let your worries melt away as you work on your project. Smart Knit It® takes the stress and frustration out of knitting so all that's left is the joy of creating! 

Learn to Knit It® with a free account!

Smart Knit It® makes it super easy to learn to knit. Whether you learn by following our lesson packs, watching how to video tutorials or just diving into a Beginner project - Smart Knit It® has it all! Impress your pals with a new skill! 

"All in all, Smart Knit It® is fantasic! I love it! Up until using Smart Knit It I had only done a one-sided cable pattern (because cables terrified me lol) and this made doing a complex cable pattern so simple! Can't wait for this to go live, I've already started my next pattern!

Jackie, Aberdeen

"Smart Knit It® was brilliant! It was so easy to follow and I'm very impressed with how nice it looks. I managed to follow the pattern with a lot less out loud counting than usual and definitely a lot less swearing! "

Lissa, Edinburgh

"First day ever of knitting! The app helped a lot. I learnt the cast on and knit stitches using the videos and am now half way through my scarf! I can't believe how easy Smart Knit It® make it! It's a very theraputic hobby that I'm going to take up."

Owen, Aberdeen

"I've been knitting all my life, and this was certainly a fun challenge! I love it, full marks to your detailed instructions and chart. Wonderful idea, easy and clear instructions, absolutely thrilled."

Jean, Italy

We are looking for pattern designers!

If you have a collection of knitting patterns and or have the skills to design, we want to hear from you!

Knit It® are on the look-out for people who can help us build an amazing patterns library for knitters around the world to get inspired by — Interested? Let’s talk!

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