Meet the Designer - Arly Knits

Meet Arlene Etheridge, Arlene is a multi-talented knitwear designer, pattern maker, and knitting tutor based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has been knitting since she was 19 years old. Arlene’s passion for knitting started when her grandmother taught her how to knit...she hasn’t stopped since! 


As someone who is neurodivergent, Arlene discovered that knitting not only calmed her down but also released serotonin. In 2021, she decided to turn her all-consuming hobby into a small business. Arlene created various social media platforms and started showcasing her knitting skills, pattern-making, and knit stitches to a broader audience. 



Apart from designing patterns, taking on commissioned work, and giving knitting lessons (both online and in-person), Arlene has a unique talent for combining colours and loves experimenting with them. She can knit approximately 100-150 yards a day using the English method. Arlene's favourite pattern to knit is her beginner’s sweater pattern. She enjoys mohair but rarely spoils herself with it. Arlene is also left-handed but knits using the right-handed method, taught to her by her grandmother. 



For anyone starting out in knitting, Arlene advises them to relax their shoulders and be patient with themselves. She says, "learning fine motor coordination skills can be challenging, but with practice, patience, and taking deep breaths, anyone can learn to knit like a pro." Check out Arlene’s YouTube channel for more of her designs, methods, and tips.


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