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Create knitting patterns from your photos! Whether you want a cosy jumper, fancy cushion or masterpiece picture, just upload your image and watch as Knit It® works its magic to create a unique knitting pattern featuring your photo! Get ready to bring your memories to life with every stitch! Knit It® will create your pattern with a standard colour scheme, you can change the colours to get your perfect combo!


Customise your next knitted jumper with a truly unique design.  This jumper pattern features a smart crew neck, and broken ribbed  and saddle shoulder.

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Add a touch of personal style by transforming your photo into a 40x40cm cushion cover. This stunning cushion cover will add a pop of colour to any room of the house. 

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Create a visual masterpiece by transforming your photo into a piece of bespoke knitted art. This stunning artwork will add a pop of colour to any room of the house.

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Did you see the KnitPic on Countdown?

We sent a KnitPic Jumper to Colin Murray Countdown host, Channel 4. The KnitPic featured his face alongside Susie Dent and Rachel Riley. Colin wore the jumper for the whole episode and absolutely loved it!!

"This is really, really special! It's so good you might think it was one of those screen knits but it's not it's hand knitted. This idea is brilliant, thank you so, so much for my jumper!"

Colin Murray, Countdown

How do KnitPics Work?

Transform your selfies into knitting patterns! Knit It® make it easy to create unique and special gifts for your nearest and dearest! We’ll transform your chosen image into a knitting pattern, so you can amaze family and friends by knitting a masterpiece — something they’ll treasure for years to come. There’s three simple steps to get your KnitPic creation started —follow the steps below to start knitting your picture!

Choose a KnitPic product

Create a free Knit It account and decided if you want a frame, cushion or jumper pattern! 

Upload your photo

Choose your preferred image and send it to us so we can begin designing your knitting pattern

Start knitting

Our artists will transform your photo into a ready-to-knit pattern and it will arrive in your account — go, go, go!

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As a special treat for subscribers, we're offering 50% off KnitPics!  Automatically added at checkout to keep things simple, this exclusive perk is just for you! Capture and share your memories through knitting!

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A Gallery of our Customer's KnitPics

With customers from across the globe... from Scotland to Australia, Italy to the USA, we love to see all the quirky creations you knit! Share your KnitPics with us for your chance to feature in our Gallery! #KnitItKnitPic

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