How to Change Colours

Adding a change of colour can really make a knitted work pop. Whether you want to add stripes to a jumper or knit a design into a scarf, knowing how to change colour can help you level up your knitting projects.


Step 1:

To start a colour change, make sure your new colour of yarn is secure. Insert your needle as usual. 


Step 2:

Next make a loop with your second colour and put it over your inserted needle.


Step 3:

Now knit this stitch by pulling the needle back through.


Step 4:

After inserting your needle again, take the tail of your loop and wrap it over the top of your needle Make sure the tail goes under the yarn end of the loop.


Step 5

Wrap your new yarn round the needle as normal and knit the stitch, pulling the yarn through the tail and loop.


Step 6:

Repeat this for 5 or 6 stitches, your loop tail will now be secure, and you can carry on with your new colour.


Changing colour is an easy way to bring visual interest and is often an optional addition to many different projects. This skill is an essential for those looking to move forward to more intricate designs in their knitting but maybe don’t feel quite ready to try some complicated stitches.


So, now you know how to change colours in a knitted project. How about trying to make a striped scarf to test this out? Randomise the colour sequences and the number of rows between colour changes to make a unique effect.