How to Rip Out a Row

Mistakes in knitting can be disheartening, especially when you may have misread the pattern and a whole row may have gone wrong. Don’t worry this isn’t the end, your work can still be salvaged! Read on to find out how. 


Step 1:

Start off by taking your left needle out of the row you’re currently working on.  

Step 2:

Next, pull on the working yarn so it comes out of each stitch on the row you’re working on (be careful not to rip out the first few stitches on the next row too). Repeat this step for any further rows you need to rip out. 


Step 3:

Finally, reinsert your left needle into the stitches again. Make sure none of your stitches get twisted as you go. If both legs of the stitch are facing you before you insert the needle, then you’re good to go. 


This is one of many ways to rip out a row or two. There are other methods to this, but this way of returning to a past row is the most popular. If you want to move half a row back on yourself instead, try reading our Knowledge Blog about Tinking. 


Now you know how to rip out rows, nothing can stop you - not even a little mistake, so go forth and make some fun knits!