How to Sew Up Your Knitting

When knitting garments or blankets, you often need to create the finished work by knitting the parts separately. However, you then need to attach everything together, and this is where sewing up comes in.


Step 1:

Gather your tools. For sewing up, you need a darning needle and some of the yarn you used to knit (although any needle can be used, a darning needle is recommended due to its blunt end that is less likely to catch on loose fibres). 


Step 2:

Place your two separate pieces together and make sure the right side is facing you.  


Step 3:

Thread your needle through the yarn of one piece between the "v's" on the first running edge and pull the yarn through. 


Step 4:

Repeat this stitch on the other piece and pull your yarn through once again.

Step 5:

Repeat the last two steps, moving down one row each time.  

Step 6:

Once you close the gap, knot the yarn and sew in the ends, and you have successfully sewn up your work. 


Sewing up is usually one of the final stages in making knitted garments and leads to the first time you can see your knitted work all in one piece. The method above is called the mattress stitch, although there are various other techniques out there to choose from. 


Now that you know how to sew up your knitting, you can create any project, regardless of how many pieces it takes. Sewing up gives you the knowledge to make even bigger works than you could before.